First I give Thanks to the Almighty Father of All Creations who make all things possible.militarykete

 Mahasia Ishabeth and the youths, I-tist, Muzikal Ben,  Sir Hill(control tower), Dub Farmer and BrotherJB (Equal Brothers), Sista Leah (Lioness), FredDread WebCam Hifi, Bunnington Judah (Itrol Tower), Anton (HighTone), Roberto Sanchez (LoneArk), KerruJahman JonahDan, Culture Japhet (JahRootsHiFi), Simon Nyabin, KanKa
(Dubalistik), BongoBen, Ivan (GoodOverEvil), Might, Tim (Slimmah sound), LaGranJa Orchestra et Païka, Antoine (Jah Gaïa), Sorapan Kingpayome (Kay & Jo brother), TonyTone, Joris & thilbault (AskanDub), LionPAW, Cultural Warrior, spitfireSound (UK), Reveletion sound (IR), Selecta Fane, Ras Bongo Jahny, Greg ITP (Ithiopianik  music), Nkossi, Jo & Emilie, Humble I, Amata & Lucie, Dan I Locks, Sista Adilisha, Ras Shabbs, Mira, Collin Goodson & Willie London (Ka records), Dub Diffuser, Ras Manu Bongo, soundalpha, Selecta Sila, cedric et alexandre (HighLights reggae), Alex Tribulation (SE), Tom The Uplifter, Ras Elijah & Ras Alberto (ES), Zinxx, Jean Dubsonic, Raphaël Keystone records, Sista MaidMarion handmade creations,Yoro Sangaré, Jeff Menzies, Victor Leeroy, Rangy (Wicked Sytem), Jideh High, Instrument Of Jah Sound System, Rasta JP and Family (London), Marco, Weeda Jah Militant,  Jah Disciple sound system, Nico & Bene ILL&GALL, Haizea & David tacumah & truthtown label, Matthias Dubwise, Jah Chariot, Stephen "Congo" Austin, Artizone, Ras Fred, Marcello Piccinini (IT), BayaDread, Selecta Jahdeck Peaceful Tribe, Dub Caravan, Manu Anty Bypass, Dub Foundry, StefLion LionRoots, Lion Youth Music (SE), Roots Hi-Tech, Mathew Nya, I-Station Conscious Embassy, Bredrin Records, I-Skankers Hifi, Damien OIsMad, Bro Joe Pilgrim, Theo Irie on air, Soul of Anbessa, Kyle Sicarius, Mr Zebre, Fabrice Lacroix, Dan Man, Rico & GuyOhm OBF, Joe Martin, Idren Natural, RDH Hifi, Duke Records, NICODRUM, Zionnoiz, I-Mitri Counteraction,, Sista Caro, Ras Aleck, Deedar Zaman, Operation Sound, Jumping Lion Sound, Ubik Sound    to all I have in connections ...and  all who works with the natural Hearbeat!  GIVE THANKS.


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 WSPC_LOGOThe Word Sound Power Collective is livicated to strengthening and supporting Rastafari Elders, both Matriarchs and Patriarchs. The vision of the WSPC is to fulfill the Nyahbinghi Creed: Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected and the infants cared for.

___________________________________________________________________________________ the website of tabot community in London. Live radio broadcast, sermons, forum.



l'équipe du Journal Ras Tafari Francophone MABRAQ, qui éditent leur travail gratuitement chaque mois sur le net sous format PDF

Telechargez, imprimez, diffusez, donnez,

 MAIS ne le vendez pas !







Roberto Sanchez aka Lone Ark producer of a very vintage reggae roots sound with artists like Earl Zero, Glen Washington, Alpheus, Earl 16, Rod Taylor, Kenny Knotts, Afrikan Simba...  







Troots aka Tonney Roots aka I Plant / You will find on this website many dub machines & effects for dub producers and sound systems. All Troots products and pcbs are made in france with quality components and love ...  Created by dub addicts ... fi dub addicts!!                         





 Sir Hill control tower records release Artists like, Parvez, Marga, Carlton Livingston, Dub Machinist, Muzikal Ben, Weeding dub and Humble I, I-Tist , Uzina DUB.  





jahmilitant_3rdeyeJah Militant ...selecting tunes since 1998 .... Builded Jah Militant Sound System in 2003 ... Sharing Jah Love ...  play Jah Music and spread Jah Word Sound and Power.... Founded « Jah Militant » Label in 2010 and « Back in the Days » label in 2011, celebrating Jah creator in each and every dance ... Representing Third Eye Manifestation Publishing since thanks and praises to the Hola One of Iration in every ways...  UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL ...




fond-kanka  KanKa [Dubalistik label ] is a Dub constructor and artist very present on european stage and soundsystem area. He work with the dub label Hammerbass and released some big tunes with singers like Ranking Joe, Dan Man, Mc Oliva, the young Bigga Ranks. Kanka Albums is "Don't Stop Dub" "Alert" "SUB.MERTION" and soon 2011 "Dub Communication". keep up your good work!





 FredDread Webcam Hi-Fi, tube dub sound. reggae dub label released artists like, Tony Tuff, Ranking Joe, Horace Martin, Roberto Sanchez, Zion Uk, Naïma, Ranking Trevor, Joseph Cotton.   






 Willie london & Collin Goodson , the Maat disciples, the soul defenders. one of the most roots reggae band in france. 







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 The Uplifter are based in south coast of UK live shows present audiences with pure niceness involving...

 Expect a musical repertoire of positive vibrations and highly energetic atmospheres, with the live percussion bringing a refreshing and freely expressive element to the performance.



logo-stormandbreak Label basé à Bordeaux, Storm & Break recherche avant tout à mettre en avant des artistes chanteurs émergents de la scène reggae et dub internationale. Il est en outre une vitrine du travail de Gary Clunk et Hatman qui concoctent les instrumentaux du label. Influencés par les vétérans du style, Storm & Break se veut aussi représenter une scène dub bordelaise très active. Babylon walls will shake !!!





 Tim Slimmah sound - Roots Tribe - released artists like Lyrical Benjie, Jah Melodie, Dan I, Kyle Sicarius, Zedi I...  








culturalwarriors  Cultural Warriors since 1994. A very BIG sound system and Label based in Geneva Switzerland.

 BIG UP LionPow & Dub Soljah !







 Equal Brothers sound system based in south-west of France, Iparalde Basque country. Pedro"DubFarmer", sister Leah Lioness and Brother JB. 



annuaires reggae et forum

roots-blog-reggae  King Rocky Records, Librairie Afromundi, Agenda Concert, Blog,  records shop, annuaires radios.

 "Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le reggae sans jamais avoir oser le demander "





logo.talawa is a website where you can hear and share recording sound session, radio reggae archives, labels pre-released or mix tapes.



Jamaican roots is a reggae directory and finest records shop.


logo r-c hd blancjpg 

 Roots and Culture Reggae Webzine and Musical history Rasta Shop online 







logo roots station  Roots station est un annuaire reggae








Greetings to each and everyone who love and practice the heartbeat Nyabinghi movement. I'n'I binghi drums percussions.

 I live in south-west of France and build Nyabinghi drums since years 2005. Aketeh, repeater, fundeh and thunder Bassdrum.

I sell and send my binghi drums to all Europe and all world in very protected packages.

for every informations about sound, sizes, prices, payments and shippin you can contact I on this email


Bonjour et bienvenue à tous les passionnés des tambours Nyabinghi.

Je vis en france et construit des percussions keteh, repeater, fundeh, bassdrum depuis 2005.

Je vends et j'expedie mes tambours en france et en europe.

Pour toute demande veuillez me contacter par email.


Bertrand Palué

- La fontpeyre -


email: meekman [@] 

phone: +33 (0) 553 504 419